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coming to a close. time to say good morning to allison and steve. >> good morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news, remembering senator ted kennedy. mourners will t t reatatfas s jllllhe heheirinal farewellat the jfk presideial libryin loston n today. we have the latest on the funeral at arlington national seam south carolina cemetery. a woman has been found alive after being kidnapped years ago. and we're keeping a close eye on tropical storm danny's path. fox 5 morning news starts right now. it is friday, august 28th, 2009. traffic on the american legion bridge looking good right now. temperatures hanging in there as well. off to a good start for this friday. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey.
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>> i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on a rain- soaked weekend in the forecast. michael vick makes his return. it didn't take long to appear in his first game of the on se 'll hear from vick coming up. and also ahead this morning, they were nine y oung students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on.
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h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not danny related buyou can see the cloud cover across the washington area. s st ff to the south an wntords wathe carolinas, the rain showers. all of that energy is pushing in our direction as an upper a. el lopu shw eso inurr w and because of that, the potential of showers and heavy thunderstorms this afternoon, the national weather service about an hour ago issued a flash flood watch. this goes into affect at 2:00 this noon for the counties in green. and that would include downtown washington and baltimore. so be ready here. the potential is to e 2 1-1- inches of rain in a single thunderstorm over the course of 15 minutes to half an hour if the storms get going later. 74 degrees. humidity at 85%.
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it feels tropical and feels like rain. and nature will deliver later this afternoon. so be ready. showers and thunderstorms will be likely later today. high temperature cooler than yesterday. yesterday we were in the 90s, today low 80s. i'll have more look at the weekend to see if we can salvage sunday. but right now let's get to julie wright. if you're at the anacostia, stalled car on the right side and before the exit for bladensberg road, accident activity tieing up the center. northbound 4 at wood yard, disabled vehicle. southbound 270 from montgomery village into rockville. smooth sailing here. top side busy approaching and passing the exit for 109. in virginia, lanes open on 65, traffic slow between 50 and 123. north of duke street lanes are open no. accidents to report. earlier crash that contributed
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to the delay gone but slow roll north of landmark toward seminary. george avenue remained closed due to trees and wires down on the highway. 29 at fair land road, signal lights are dark. police are there. 29 at musk grove road signal have been repaired. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the farewell to senator ted kennedy continues today. right now his body is lying in repose for the second day at the jfk presidential library and museum in boston. the doors will open back up in about an hour to welcome more mourners. people from all around have been pouring in to pay their final respects. >> and matt acland joins us now from arlington national cemetery, the final resting place. >> reporter: good morning. the plans are underway to prepare for the burial services
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here at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. let me give you a time line of what we've been able to find out so far. tomorrow after the fewerle at accept for's body will be flown to andrews air force base and he will motorcade over to the u.s. capitol. there will be a short prayer service at the senate side of the building. from there the motorcade will come here to arlington national cemetery. that should be right around 5:30. there will be a service. and senator kennedy will be laid to rest in between his two brothers. mourner have been waiting for hours outside of the jfk presidential library to file past the coffin of senator ted kennedy. it's a slow procession that will last through much of the day. >> i'm just so moved. i love the kennedy family and just to be a part of this is so amazing. it's so amazing. >> the senator's final journey through the home state began at
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the kennedy compound in cape cod. as the hearse made it's way to boston, people lined the streets and overpasses. later today there will be a private memorial service followed by a funeral tomorrow. the eulogy will be delivered by president obama. >> he's been working on it. he's got a great team of speech writers, buthis is going to be a very personal statement that he makes on saturday. >> reporter: and later on saturday the senator will be taken here, to arlington national cemetery where he'll be laid to rest next to his fallen brothers. the service will be private, simple and traditional. >> whether it's a senator or private, everybody is entitled to the same honors. >> reporter: but for this senator, the honors are special as so many are taking this last opportunity to say goodbye. >> back out live now. we are learning some must details. there are various reports coming in about where senator
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kennedy will be buried. most reports say that he's going to be right between his brother robert and the former president. just south of robert kennedy's grave and then just north of the eternal flame where president kennedy is buried. that's all taking place tomorrow right around 5:30. his casket should land in maryland about 3:00. we'll have all tv covered for you. steve and allison, now back to you. >> matt acland, thank you very much. now senator kennedy's home could soon be open to the public as fox has learned that the kennedy compound in hi and is port will become a museum and educational center. we have much more ahead on the life of the senator. in just about 15 minutes we'll go live to boston for the latest on today's memorial plan and just after 7:30, john allen shares his own memories of times he spent with senator kennedy. and you can find the memorial
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and funeral plans for t senator on and watch interviews and read memories shared by others notable in politics and beyond. another big story we're following this morning an amazing story of survive. a california woman who was taken from a bus stop when she was just 11 years old old have been found alive after 18 years. jaycee lee dugard is now 29 years old. she was forced to endure a life that many couldn't imagine. lauren sieveon has more. >> reporter: it's a case of kidnapping, rape and conspiracy that goes back 18 years. jaycee dugard was 11 years old old in 1991 when strangers kidnapped her from outside of her parents home. >> no connection to the family. they literally snatched her off the streets. >> reporter: she resurfaced this week after police
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investigating a strange man near the university. >> they were handing out pamphlets. >> reporter: he brought along two minors. >> reporter: alyssa turned out to be jaycee. the two other minors allegedly fathered by him. >> a search of the resident found sheds, tents and out buildings with the shrubberies and the trees ub able to see the structures. they were kepin isolate. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't see in, dugard and the children were secluded in the backyard. >> none of the children had go to school or been to a doctor. >> reporter: philip gur he'do and his wife are being held for kidnapping and conspiracy and rape and sex with a minor. >> it's well arranged. she was in good health but living in a backyard for the
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past 18 years does take its toll. >> reporter: police are trying to reinstruct the last 18 years of her life. but that process will be delicate and take time. in new york, lauren sivan, fox news. prince george's county schools dr. william hite says students will be given permanent schedules by monday. earlier this week a quarter of the county high schoolers were forced to cram into gyms while counselors did the work by hand. apparently a computer software glitch in a new program called school max left them without schedules. some voiced their concerns at a meeting. >> for us to go out on a first day of school and not to know anything about this and not given a heads up or prewarning and to have a new station approach us and let us know what is going on is unacceptable. >> we understand the hardship
7:11 am
this has created for many families and accept full responsibility for this, offer our sincere apologies. >> it is not clear yet when the system will be fixed. 7:10 right now. 76 degrees on friday morning. michael vick makes his debut. the new eagles quarterback saw his first game action since 06 last night. and the philly crowd, and how they handled his return. and a live look at jfk library and museum where thousand have paid their final farewell. we have more just ahead. it's 11 past the hour. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪
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after more than two years away from the game, michael vick is back in action, returning to an nfl playing field for the first time. the new philadelphia eagles quarterback in uniform for the game last night and the eagles didn't wait long to get him in. 11 seconds and he gets a standing ovation from the crowd. the first play was a shovel pass to shawn mccoy. that was good for a four-yard gain. and in the second series, mcnabb used out and vick tried to use his legs. he lined up as a wide receiver and he through a 13-yard laser. he was 4 for 4 on the night for 19 yards. the eagles won the game, 33-32. >> i can't explain the feeling. it's unbelievable the way that i was embraced and just a warm
7:16 am
welcome. and it actually made me screw up one of my reads. i wanted to please the crowd. >> vick is eligible for the final preseason game next week. and then a decision will be made for his regular season return during week six and that may be just in time for the eagles that take on the redskins. >> very interesting. >> so i'm sure it will be a friendly crowd welcoming him back to fedex field. >> i'm sure. that's funny. >> and speaking of, a game tonight. patriots. looks like potential for rain and thunderstorms. >> jus last gmelast gme st. le steelers. let's get right to it. showers and thunderstorms overnight. rs'll show you the dar just tot j to the north ofof washington la night. see the dark deep reds and yellows. they had extreme thundermof tib caused flash flooding up there. 3-6 inches of rain in some spots anthat' ks ind of air mass that we still have
7:17 am
overhead at this hour. so the potential is there to see more heavy rain this afternoon and because of that, wait until you see this open up, look at the rain off to the south and west. because of that we have a flash flood watch which goes into affect here in washington at 2:00. the rain reaches down to the gulf of mexico and there is an n upper level low down in georgia that will push up today. so all of that rain shower affectiveity, or thepotential will move through washington area today. on the right is tropical storm danny. not mu och oa tropical storm. maximum winds only 40 miles per hour. the center of circulation is to the left of the cloud cover on the ghrit-hand of-- your screen. there are tropical storm watches from cape lookout in north c earolina i . rolina in the northern banksro have too much impact on wgtainshon weather. ineetodo wnwnhs gr s ee grinindowntown washington. 69 in new york city, 62 at this
7:18 am
hour in boston. cooler off to the north and northwest this morning. we'll be tropically warm today although the high temperatures will only top out in the low 80s, 82 degrees. tomorrow won't be a complete rainout but we'll have showers in the forecast. danny will pass off to the forth and east during the day on saturday. hoping sunday we can get sunshine in here and lower humidity by sunday afternoon. monday and tuesday right now looks beautiful. fall-like weather. high temperatures, mid to upper 70s, low humidity, overnight lows back in the 50s, so it will be great. >> opening up the windows again. >> you got it. let's check in with julie wright and find out how things are moving out there. we got a slow start. >> but we hit the ground running with a lot going on right now. southbound 29, as you work down toward tech road from randolph road, all of this traffic gridlocked down to tech road where the signal lights are short timing. they're not in sync and that's
7:19 am
why this traffic is backed up. early we mentioned 29 at fair line road, signal ights were dark in the areas. the power has been restored but it's 29 at tech road that is contemplating the trip because of the short timing lights. we're jammed up from before randolph road. georgia avenue still should down at brookville road. westboundi 70 past braddock and mile marker 47 westbound lanes closed because of a truck fuel spill. westbound 70 is closed at mike marker 29. toward 66, heavy and steady but lanes aropen. 95 not bad out of woodbridge. finding 395 slowing from duke to seminary road. the incident at the anacostia has cleared. at bladensberg road, activity there. and this is northbound 95 and
7:20 am
no accidents to report headed up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks very much. it is now 19 minutes past the hour. tucker mentioned the redskins game tonight to play the patriots but not before they show off style first and we'll explain coming up. plus holly is spending another friday at the fair today. she's up in baltimore county getting a sneak peek of the maryland state fair. and we'll have a look at that coming up. look at the chainsaw, steve. >> a little sculpting perhaps.
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7:23 now. more on the memorial services for senator ted kennedy as mourners get a chance to say farewell at the jfk presidential library today. >> tonight a private service will be held for family and close friends. for more now year joined by michael more ands in boston where no doubt the air is heavy
7:24 am
there in boston. >> reporter: steve and allison, an unusual and emotional day here in boston. the senator's body lies in repose at the jfk library across town. meanwhile the preparations are being made for his funeral mass on saturday morning. there are plenty of security precautions made as the president is set to perform the eulogy and many other presidents are expected to attend. the senior bush has turned down the invitation as he is apparently ailing right now. but the crowds at the motorcade yesterday were 8-10 people deep in downtown boston, a sure sign of how much massachusetts loved senator ted kennedy. back to you. >> what are people saying up there. we know the ted kennedy here on washington in capitol hill and he was also -- lived here in washington, but massachusetts
7:25 am
was always home. what is the reaction from folks up there? >> reporter: i think it's -- there's been a tremendous outpouring of support for the kennedy family. and here is a guy that was just a real people person. you wouldn't have known that to attend maybe a press conference, but i remember being a young radio guy and i remember bringing a radio tape deck into his conference out of college and he brought me into his office and showed me his brothers and showed me jfk's desk that he used in the u.s. senate. here is a genuine guy to sit down and talk to people and take a young reporter in and show him around and he's so proud of his brothers and family legacy. >> and interesting thing here. reporting from washington and i was looking at the headline of the boston her ald and the washington post and her ald,
7:26 am
similar headlines, the lyon is gon surely he'll be missed for the work he did for the people of massachusetts now that his voice is no longer in the senate. >> i did a piece yesterday on some of the elderly folks in this area that were served meals on wheels that took part in the prescription drug program, things that were for people of the lower income bracket and they said, we're the people without a voice. he was our voice. and that's how much he'll be missed. >> very important to keep that in mind. martin moran, thank you very much. thanks for helping us out this morning. it is 7:26 this morning. we'll have more coming up on the life and legacy of the senator. after the break we'll hear more memories of the liberal lyon. and years after being kidnapped, a california woman was found alive. how she was finally discovered. that's next.
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nor questions than details right now in the case of a kidnapped girl who has just resurfaced. her name is jaycee dugard and she lived in her kidnappers backyard since 1991. she lived there against her will. she had two children with him. now she is 29 years old and beginning to reunite with her
7:30 am
real family. her stepfather watched helplessly as a couple snatched 11-year-old jaycee near a bus stop in california. he said he had given up hope and just wanted to ecover her body. tropical storm danny has now weakened. winds down to about 40 miles r . hope ur . lyitreba' atropical storm right now but a watch is st l an affect for the north cna lirocoast aas large swells are teeliecxpd to produce some dangerous surf along the .soa c two. it's possible that danny may regain speed at this point it looks like just another storm out there, right? >> yes. and if it does gain any force, it will become a tropical storm and not a hurricane. it will be well off the coast tomorrow so it shouldn't affect our forecast. >> it wouldn't ruin any beach weekend here. >> no. but there will be some enhanced surge and gusty winds. but we have other weather to talk about. so it's ere ve tha he fonotecal storm, wvehaia hel as potential for flash flooding around here. so wll get right to the paps
7:31 am
and give you the latest. we have tropical moisture to the south and west this morning and as that approached the area, we can see shower activity and the potential for heavy thunderstorms later today. 74 degrees at reagan national. notice that combination, temperatures are up, humidity is way up, 85%. winds out of the north and east at 6 miles per hour. let's see what we can find around town. mostly 70s. 71 at dulles. 69 is the exception. cooler in hagerstown. they had a big thunderstorm in the last couple of hours that is holding temperatures down. patuxent naval air station is 76 and at the beaches, ocean city is 82 degrees. let's look at the satellite radar. and the concern here is as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, we can see heavy rain across the washington area. not related to tropical storm danny, but tropical in origin. look at the cloud cover across the washington area and notice off to the south and west here, we have some shower activity and some thunderstorms starting to build into the carolinas and western portions of virginia. a big flow from south to north
7:32 am
and it's going to drag an upper level low through the washington area in the next 24 hours. so we'll have potential for some strong thunderstorms later today and again the potential for flooding rain. out to the west, cold front. that will give us cooler and drier air by sunday afternoon. but up ahead of it we could see more showers and thunderstorms into the day on saturday. today we have a flash flood watch. this go into affect at 2:00 and will last through the evening, includinthe district and the counties in green, including prince george's county and arundel county and maryland and we could see 1-2 inches of rain and have problems with flooding on the roadways. so be ready for the potential for strong thunderstorms during the course of the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. showers and thunderstorms will be likely later today. it will be humid out there either way. cooler temperatures than yesterday. high temperature about 82 degrees. our normal daytime high is in the mid-80s. here is youfive-day forecast. i mentioned the cold front tomorrow. not going to rain all day, but we'll have the potential for more showers and thunderstorms during the day on saturday.
7:33 am
right now keep your fingers crossed, sunday we'll be dry and we're hoping the cooler air moves in. much drier on monday and tuesday and that will be a hint of autumn. and miss hint of autumn herself, julie wright. >> this says autumn? >> you have brown on. >> it's chocolate. it is the exit for falls road, off the road and on the shoulder but a slow roll out of rockville toward the lane divide. 270 busy on the top side approaching 109. 95 slows at georgia avenue and outle olney, the combination of bright down road, 29 a mess at tech road with the signal light short timing. inbound new york avenue at the
7:34 am
anacostia. fella changing a flat tire and moving on. slow out of chefly. the place slow again rth capitol street headed into the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. life and legacy of senator ted kennedy. these live pictures of boston as people have said their final farewells and they pass through the jfk library and museum. and joining us now jonathan allen. thanks for coming in. your memories go pretty deep, to when you were a child. >> right. i first met senator kennedy in 11, at hyannis port. and my mother covered his presidential campaign and so he was somebody i was introduced to early. he remember that meeting a lot better i'm sure than he had. though i did get to show him a picture of it, this picture you're looking at it later on.
7:35 am
>> and what was it about that, that made you remember. >> as kids we meet a lot of people and a lot of times things don't stick in our mind. what was it about this that did? >> it's early momories with people there like my parents talking about it. but the kennedy were a big part of american life now and then and only a dozen years after bobby kennedywas shot. and so this was a huge larger than life person. not just physically, but he was a figure so well-known and somebody part of the national consciousness it was hard not to meet him and have a strong memory that that happened. >> and this photo, more recently, at the national press club and you followed in your father's footsteps in becoming a journalt. talk about your interaction here. >> this is on a day in january, 2007 when senator kennedy came
7:36 am
out to talk about the surge in iraq at the time and i was able to talk to him before the speech. it was interesting, i spent more time with his sister eunice kennedy waiting for him to arrive for the speech a i asked her which brother had given the most to the united states and which had the most lasting impression on our country and she refused to answer and wondered why i didn't ask about the girls in the family and you can see the kennedy spirit that is famous. and senator kennedy, what i remember about him most is that he was so gracious to everybody particularly when he was a child. but even later on. and that's something that -- that social grace and that charm that was legendary about his family came through in him and it seemed like more so later in life than earlier, something that became more of him. >> you're talking about his lasting image and how he was
7:37 am
able to connect to the people he represented or his political life, what do you think will be his lasting image. >> i think his political contributions, the policy contributions, those of his family, the calls to public service. we heard earlier in a report about people in massachusetts saying he was their voice and i think that despite coming from privilege and wealth, one thing he was able to do was give a voice to the voiceless, to the downtrodden, to the impoverished in a place in washington that is not of those people and not impoverished, where often times things are abstract rather than concrete, i think we was able to bring a passion for fighting for those folks. >> you ma an interesting point. he had the name throughout his political career, but this was a time when we didn't have what we have today with the you tube videos with the c span coverage and the online access. with thing have been different had we had that back when he was reaching his high mark of his fire in politics? >> it's amazing, i think his
7:38 am
voice and delivery of speeches is something meant to be heard, not necessarily seen. it's sort of old style that we don't have any more in part because of c span and i think it may have been less affective had we been able to watch him. and later in life, we were able to watch him every day on c span. but that diminishes the more you see it. and the words that echo through time, whether talking about a brother or the green shall never die, but those things you can conjure up in your mind. but he knew how to give a speech in the old-style way. i think president obama has adopted some of that in his speech giving. when you listen to an obama speech, it's often even more affective than watching him give a speech. >> it's part of the kennedy legacy. and when we look forward into the senate when it reconvened after the august vacation, it is a great loss, but will it
7:39 am
change anything in the senate, not having him there? >> the first thing you have to look at is on the health care bill that he cared so much about, the folk who want to see it done are one vote shorter than they were. they're one vote behind where they were, so in terms of trying to make that up, they're already lagging. i think that ted kennedy, maybe somebody will step into this voice and give cover to democrats to support x, y or z and i think in health care had there be a compromise, others would have come from the liberal side and i think that will be difficult to replace whether on the health care side or other issues but it will be interesting to see if anybody else can step into that. >> nd more coverage throughout the morning. jonathan allen, thank you very much. it is 76 degrees on this friday morning. and are you looking for a new place for the dinner date this weekend. our fox 5 foodie has the latest dish. that's coming up. and also after the break, the redskins hold their annual
7:40 am
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your first fox 5 high
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school game of the week of the season will be between bishop o'connell and woodrow wilson. that game got 54% of the vote. that means we'll be there today at 5:00 p.m. and you'll find extended highlights on and moving up to the pros, for the redskins, the first half of the game will go a long way in deciding how the skins feel about themselves for the upcoming season opener on september 13th. becae tonight is last time the starters will see significant playing time until that game against the giants. the skins will not have rock cartwright tomorrow. he has a groin problem. he played against the steelers with a fake punt and that got him a first time. he got the first down and the skins got the win and now he is out. >> i feel a little bit better. coach said to rest it so i feel pretty good. >> so you're going to sit out this game and maybe the n. one to get healthy. >> i want to be healthy for the season. but people get hurt and it's
7:44 am
part of football. so i'm going to try to get healthy for next week. >> his mother named him to played football, didn't he. rock cartwright. the 48th redskins annual welcome luncheon was held at tysons corner. jason campbell warmly receivedch it's a chance for the players to meet the fans and for the plays to show off share fashion sense. we're at clinton portis with purple and purple and the shades and antwan. but they were looking good as usual. what would fashion be without the ever stylish -- was that fred smoot? >> is this one of your best ensembles. >> no. this is one of my meager suits i put together. i like to dress. i'm a man of fashion. >> you like cars and nice clothes. >> nice clothes. a man has to look good. >> you have to be one of the
7:45 am
best dressed here today. >> i try to get credit. i do the dirty work but i try to look nice sometimes. >> they look good. >> mike sellers scares me. if you go in the locker room, he is a charge man. >> and is it called a goatee when it's that long? it's kind of intimidating. >> yeah. >> and he cleans up nicely. >> yes he does. he won't clean up nicely if he'll play tonight because it will be wet out. we'll have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. can't guarantee it will be raining across the stadium at ame tim but certainly it looks like we'll get some afternoon rain e washington area. there is your satellite radar and you can see right now we're just cloudy. we did have some very large and damaging thunderstorms just north of washington overnight. you might have heard those and they brought flooding rains to baltimore county and hartford county where they picked up to six inches of rain. to the south and west, more rain owers into the carolinas
7:46 am
and that's headed in our direction and a cold front toward chicago. so this is a one-two combination. danny is not playing a role, but we have the potential for heavy rain this afternoon with strong thunderstorms if they ough. ve se of that, we have a flash flood atbewch that goes into affect here in washington at 2:00 this aerdeegreghs riw d national. 74 in raleigh. 72 in charlotte, north carolina where they're getting rain showers at this hour. here is your five-day forecast. and i guess look at the bright spot in the weekend forecast. for sunday, think we may salvage sunday and we may be sunny, less humid and cooler. now tomorrow there is a chance for showers ab thunderstorms as the cold front approaches and moves through the area and i can guarantee there will be numerous showers and thunderstorms later in afternoon as all of the moisture moves through the area. so rain today, a few more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and then we'll quiet it down early next week. highs in the upper 70s, overnight lows in the 50s and low 60s. >> that will feel comfortable. >> yes, it is. thanks, tucker. and let's get to julie wright with a look at traffic
7:47 am
on a busy friday. >> friday morning is usually lighter than normal but that's not the case today. we have a number of accidents on the records, including georgia avenue at brookville at olney, that has trees and wires down across the highway. 29 troubled withsy signal light out of sync at tech road. on the brakes southbound before randolph toward university boulevard. southbound 270, the incident we had south of 28 at the exit for falls road now cleared. lanes are open but the pace slow out of rockville toward the split. no accidents to report right now on 395. the pace will slow at duke street to semib airy road. across the 14th street bridge. lanes are open. new york avenue on the brakes at the anacostia, bladensberg road and to the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- rati tmeffic. 7:47 on this friday morning. >> holly is gettg us ready for the weekend by checking out
7:48 am
the maryland state fair this friday. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. and what an awesome fair it is. when you see these groups of logs here, what do you think? do you think how about i turn this into a wonderful piece of art using a chainsaw? well masters of the chainsaw is just one of the many unique things you can experience here at the fair. coming up, we'll giveou all of the reasons why you need to come out over the next 11 days, plus we'll see what our master sculpture is doing just for us this morning. from a log to a wonderful creation, you'll see it next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. t
7:49 am
7:50 am
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you're running out of time to enter the fox rocks contest. go to and up load your song. you will complete at the battle of the bands in arl and the winner will appear right here on fox 5 morning news. >> and if your band appears h then -- you won.
7:52 am
the maryland state fair going onthis weekend and holly joins us live. >> reporter: this fair covers some 100 acres. this is a wonderful 11 days. in fact sometimes they refer to it as the best 11 days of summer. it starts today and runs through labor day. and you can see there is all of the rides and the food and they've got the animals and oh, yeah, they have chainsaw carvers. what? what is that? the master of the chainsaw. one of them happens to be working for us this morning. come on over here, marty. marty long is one of the masters and we don't want to reveal what he's been working on because we want you to appreciate what he started with this morning. good morning, sir. thanks for working at it hard. you're working hard. >> absolutely. >> let's show our videotape. we rolled up and said marty, what can you sculpt for us.
7:53 am
and he started working. and tell me how you go about beginning this art work. >> reporter: well i choose -- careful, this is slippery. i just pick out a log and -- >> reporter: now does it matter the type of log? >> well, this one i picked because we only had a few minutes this morning. most of my carvings will take about an hour this. one, we're trying to do in about half an hour. so i picked a small one to get it started. >> and what type of wood? >> pine. >> reporter: and tell me about this group and how it works and why this? >> mastering the chainsaw is a group of guys that i think can take chainsaw carving to a new level and we've gone outside of the standard and we do a lot of the eagles and bears but we do
7:54 am
figurative work, abstract work. >> reporter: and do you go around and just do demonstrations at different fairs and gatherings? >> that's a small part of what we do. some do shows more than others. i do all year long mainly custom designs. i have probably a six-month waiting list. >> reporter: really? >> and i just do this for fun in the summer for a couple of months. >> reporter: that's what he starts with. and you come around here and in a matter of minutes, he's carving out a fox. how d you come up with that idea? i got you. so did you ever sculpt with anything else or was it always -- was your passion always the chainsaw, marty? >> i was -- destined to be a chef. i went to school to be a chef. i joined a -- started a club for ice carving and really never looked back.
7:55 am
>> reporter: i see you have different chainsaws. obviously you can get a lot of detail out of them. how do you go about really doing this, specially the fine work. >> well this is the smallest saw and this will do just about anything. >> reporter: can we step out. >> that would be great. no. >> reporter: and can you tell us what you're going to do. it's very loud. >> i'm going to finish it. how much time do we have? >> reporter: you have 30 seconds. >> perfect. >> reporter: let's watch marty work. [ chainsaw buzzing ] >> reporter: so the masters of
7:56 am
the chainsaw do demonstrations and they last 45 minutes andin that time they will start with a log and come up with a finished piece of art work. it is entertaining to watch. if i can get his attention. i'll step back in. is our website, general admission to the fair is $8. coming up in the next hour we'll head down to the cattles and bulls ab talk rodeo riding. very nice work. when you're done with the demonstrations, what happens to them? >> they get auctioned of. i think we should take that with us every day, that could be the mascot. >> yeah. >> reporter: or i might take it hme because it looks like one of my dogs. thank you, marty. we'll have more fun in our next hour. pretty impressive. >> very impressive. and i think more impressive to see the finished product is how quickly he can get that done. holly, thank you very much. that's some skills.
7:57 am
>> and . saw e iklig chain saw. not like a little sculpting tool on this friday mo rn idg.ns ocoederne of the most edportant events in the entire civiig rhts movement. >> in 1957 a rgroup of african- american students dubbed the w from entering their school. a look at where race relations stand today, more than 50 years later. looking forward to that. and heading back to boston right now as well-wishers are walking past the casket of the late senator ted kennedy in boston. these are live pictures. we'll have much more coming up at 8:00. er 
7:58 am
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it is now 8:00 on friday morning and the puck lick is once again paying respects to senator ted kennedy. they've been lined up this morning to walk past his casket. ve awelive with more on what we can expect here this weekend. then an amazing story out
8:01 am
of california. 18 years after this little girl was kidnapping on her way to school, jaycee lee dugard found alive. it turns ou oeshas w hidden from the world for all of these ing foreer htigg for rights at school. they became known as the little rock nine. one of them was earnest green and he'll join us later this hour. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. hard to believe but four years ago tomorrow hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast. 1600 people were killed in lousiana and mississippi. the category five hurricane left behind more than $40 billion in property damage and the region is still rebuilding. however, because of all of the rebuilding, the economy in new orleans region is among the healthiest in the country today. >> and i'm one of the many that can't believe it was four years ago already. and when you see pictures of new orleans now, some of it looks exactly the same.
8:02 am
a good part looks the same as it did four years ago. >> let me clarify. it was a category three when it made landfall. >> okay. >> one of the freakishly large storms, when you go back it looks like it took up the gulf of mexico. >> it was a dangerous storm and maximum winds when it hit landfall were 125 miles per hour. wrong place at the wrong time. >> fortunately it was in the category five when it hit. >> and the damages were worse. >> and we haven't had anything to worry about so far this year. >> danny. >> and he's no katrina. i heard you call him anemic. don't do that. >> he's a pip squeak of a storm. maximum winds are 40 miles per ld. a rog -oin just a run-of-the-mill .. we have other weather to talk about. loud cover right now. ov did have heavy rain during t e overnight, particularly to the north of the district. right now just clouds.
8:03 am
if you're headed out the ou t butot uld be dry.dr ut out to the south and w mo inra on the way. you can see it there into the carolinas and that's tropical moisture. that's compliments of gulf of mexico moving in our direction. so we have the potential for more showers and more strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. and because of that, we have a flood watch for the counties in green and it includes a couple of counts in virginia and much of central and northern maryland under that flood watch. 2:00 this afternoon through the eveng, we could see 1-2 inks of rain in some spots. not all of us will see the heavy rain but for those of us that do, we have the potential for problems out there. the temperature right now is 74 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 85%. here is a look at the forecast and then again as we get into the afternoon, the showers will return. mostly cloudy skies. showers and thunderstorms will be likely later today. high temperature about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 82 degrees. i'll be back to take a look at danny and the all-important weekend forecast in a couple of
8:04 am
minutes. checking in with julie wright on what has been a busy friday so far. >> right. and it is unfortunately f. you're travel ago long georgia avenue at brookville, we'll start off with good news and let you know that intersection has been reopened. it was just reopened a few moments ago. so for those traveling to and from olney, all lanes are open once again. signal light still causing problem as long 29 at tech road. police are there to help direct you through but expect delays through the intersection toward university boulevard. this was e latest of what was going on at the american legion bridge. we had a car spun out facing the wrong way. that has cleared. now find lanes open from the dulles toll road northbound up toward 270. lanes are open but the traffic volume is heavy in this area. outer loop of the beltway, no accidents to report. asou travel across the american legion bridge headed back down toward the dulles toll road. 395, traffic slowing from duke to seminary and across the 14th street bridge. big delay as long new york
8:05 am
avenue. we had a stalled car at anacostia, tow truck just hauled it but the bw parkway stacks up out of cheverly into northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. mourners are now beginning to file past the senator ted kennedy's casket. we'll take a live look at the jfk library and museum in boston and you can see folks that got up early to wait in line to get inside. the viewing scheduled until 3:00 this afternoon. people from all corners of the world have come to pay respects. >> tonight a private ceremony will take place. and v.p. joe biden and senators john carry, john mccain and chris dodd are expected to speak. we're joined with where the senator will be buried tomorrow with matt acland. >>reporter: after the funeral service in boston tomorrow, the casket will be load add board a kennedy and taken to andrews air force base. from there a motorcade will travel to the u.s. capital.
8:06 am
a short service is expected to take place on the senate side. and then from there, kennedy's casket will be moved here to arlington national cemetery. we are told at this point, it appears that senator kennedy will be laid to rest in between his brother, robert kennedy, and that former presdent, john f. kennedy. thousands of mourners are lined up this morning for a chance to file past ted kennedy's closed casket. the motorcade carrying the senator's body left the kennedy home incape cod yesterday for the journey to the jfk library in boston. the 70-mile route was lined with well-wishers. >> i've known the family since i was born and he introduced me to my husband 22 years ago. >> senator kennedy, he worked so hard for this country, the least i could do is serve his country and fight for what he
8:07 am
fought for. >> and it's sad to see it go by so quickly and to see him leaving the cape for last time is probably the most upsetting. [ crying ] >> he's been around my whole life. >> reporter: thousands lined the streets of boston and applauded and cheered as the motorcade arrived. many more entered the library and passed by the coffin. >> i'm just so moved. i love the kennedy family and just to be a part of this is so amazing. so amazing. >> i was sadenned. the kennedys are like the royal family of the united states, is basically how i look at it. so it's -- it's a piece of history. >> i'm so emotionally moved by what i saw and the whole family being near, not the whole family but so many of the
8:08 am
family, especially vicki, holding up so well and seeing bobby kennedy's family, ethel there and ted kennedy's son. and i just could have stayed there for hours and prayed at the casket. >> reporter: so here is a timeline of what will take place tomorrow. the body should arrive at andrews air force base at about 3:00. an hour later is when the service will be held at the u.s. capital and around 5:30, that is when a private service will be held here at arlington national cemetery. we are told that senator kennedy's body will be south of robert kennedy's body and then just north of the eternal flame where john f. kennedy is laid to rest. steve and allison, bark to you. >> thank you, matt. coming up at around 8:20, we'll go live to boston where the public viewing is currently underway. almost unbelievable story out of california. relief now years in the making
8:09 am
but it is a bittersweet homecoming for a woman abducted 18 years ago. her stepfather watched in 1991 as a man and woman snatched the little girl from a bus stop. she was just 11 years old old. now she is 29 and she has two kids. father of those children, the convicted sex offender who admitted to kidnapping her. she lived in his backyard in a hidden compound. her stepfather says he had given up hope and just wanted to find her remains. >> now to get her back alive, it's like winning the lotto. so we get her back alive and she sounds like she's okay to a point. i don't know mentally what she's gone through. and then to have these people in jail is just fabulous. >> that stepfather at one point was a suspect in her death. he says his life had been ruined because of that. police are not sure if jaycee tried to escape or get help. the man charged with kidnapping her and his wife are both being
8:10 am
held on various charges. murder rocks the campus of virginia tech once again. at least nearby. two students found shot to death a few miles off campus. police say it's a homicide. someone found their bodies in the parking lot of a campground. the victims 19-year-old sophomore david metzler from lynchberg and heidi childs who was also from the lynchberg area. no word on ina motive or any arrests. new this morning, a 17-year- old bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit by a car. this happened just after 12:30 this morning on route 108 near lark brown road in c the driver is a.29-ye2-old aaro la wrong. he's been arrest and charged with dui and possession of heroin. a 13-year-old boy from west virginia has died after being pulled unconscious from the potomac river. daunte barns died yesterday he and a friend were swimming
8:11 am
when he disappeared in deep water. fisherman found him in eight feet of water. metro is investigating another crash on the rails as a slow moving train struck a stopped train. two workers were taken to the hospital for a precaution. they will be tested for blood and alcohol. that is standard procedure. it is 10 minutes past the 9- on i cssidered one of cth most important events in the civil rights movement. >> back in 1957 a group of icaf ran-american students tr edbhe little rock ednine were prevented from entering their racially segregated school. one of the students join us to look at where race relations stand 50 years late sneer and nine families evacuated as a fast-moving wildfire creeps closer to their home. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back. trouble on the west coast again. this is rancho palos verdes, california. 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in
8:15 am
southern california. it's easy to see why. a wildfire is raging 20 miles south of los angeles. 400 firefighters are on the job right nowment it's burned through about 75-acres so far. but it's expected to spread from that area. so far though, no reports of any homes that have been damaged. but those flames are real close. >> i hope that news stayed -- stays like that. 8:14 and tucker barnes has another look at the day and it's friday, i'm hoping you have a cuteness. >> it's the super cuteness factor for today. are you ready? >> yeah. let's get started. time now for the my first 5 photo of the day. this is 3-month-old colton. i love that name, colton. >> i do too. >> he is a cowboy in training. in fact, his first horseback ride was at just four days old. >> really? >> four days old. is that right? hopefully he got a little assistance. >> in the loving arms of a participants i'm sure.
8:16 am
and i love the hat. >> he has growing to do before he's ready for that hat. >> just a little bit. but he still looks good. >> tocothn,lyoan u k very much. to send us your child's picture, go toto an click on mornings. i want to introduce you to tropical storm danny. maximum winds are 40 miles per hour. listen, not an impressive storm by any means. center of circulation is removed from the convective cloud cover you see there off to the east of the center and it's not expected to -- expected to intensify. nevertheless the hurricane center has issued a storm watch from north carolina. so if you're headed to the on ther banks, look -- the outer banks look out for the potential for storm surge and riptides and as it pushes off the eastern seaboard during the day tomorrow. let's talk washington weather and closer to home and we have the potential for more shower activity and more thunderstorms today. if you're headed to the skin me ogh t, prepared ep for
8:17 am
the possibility of shower . nd undermsorth. they'll be in the forecast here as we've got a lot of moisture off to the sf outh and west. an area of low pressure, an upper level low will move through and that will give us the potential for some more flooding rains. we had it last night in a a flash esgo agoes into affect here in washington and surrounding counti a th this afternoo er mpteaturmpright now, 74 degrees at reagan national. 72 in baltimore. 84 in ocean city. so-so weekend. the first half of the weekend will feature shers and thunderstorms on saturday. right now, keep our fingers crossed, we'll take the showers out of sunday to get the cooler and drier air by sunday. monday and tuesday look fantastics with highs in the upper 70s and a little taste of fall around the corner in time for the month of september. let's get to on-time traffic and julie has been busy. what is going on. a lot. you're thinking about the
8:18 am
redskins game tonight, maybe use the metro as an alternate. friday noon traffic and folks trying to get away for the weekend. metro may be a better bet for you. if you're traveling closer to home right now. we have trouble southbound along 29. that's where we had the stalled car on the left side of the road. 29 is in trouble with the signal lights not working at tech road and musk road. they've been short timing and on flash and completely dark. so it's been a mess. glad to see the pace is mproving southbound along 29. 395 north of duke street cleared out north of 14th street bridge but the beltway is low between braddock road and 66. inbound 50 and the bw parkway stacking up into northeast. earlier we have new york at the anacostia wreck has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. i have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up,
8:19 am
live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal. [ applause ] >> 46 years ago today, dr. martin luther king, jr., delivered his i have a dream speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. 200,000 people were in the crowd participating in this peaceful civil rights rally. before that nine children were fighting for civil rights and they became known as the little rock nine and earnest green was one of those students that helped to shape history. good morning to you. >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be here. >> it's an honor to sit here and talk to you and i would like to thank you for the pathway you created for all of us. let's go back 50 years to those who might not be familiar with the little rock nine. before the march on washington, you were just trying to go to a
8:20 am
good high school. >> well we were the following of the supreme court decision and little rock was under court order to adhere to the 54 decision and i grew up in little rock and passed central high school every day. and i had a reputation of being the outstanding school in little rock and i thought that if i got the best of public education, that i would improve opportunities for myself and for my friends and neighbors. >> not everyone saw it that way, though. you had to get the help of the army and then later the national guard in arkansas just to get inside the doors. >> well it required the governor of the state of arkansas, after those blocked our entrance. president he'sen hire had to send -- isenhour had to send in the military. it was a year i didt expect to occur but was proud to have played a role in it.
8:21 am
>> and you were the only senior that deseg grated central high school and you were the first african-american graduate of sental high school. but that year, what we see is you trying to enter, but that entire year for you and your classmates, i don't think i can say hell on tv, but a living hell indeed perhaps. >> i sort of describe it as we went to war every day. there were clearly students who were supportive, but most of them were intimidated by the most avid of the segregationists who wanted to prevent us from being there and of the 9, i was the only one in the 12th grade and the others were spread through the 10th and 11th grades. but we were all committed. we had families and we had friends that supported us. and we thought that education was the cornerstone to our lives and to our future.
8:22 am
we couldn't see 50 years down the road that this was going to lead to changes that we faced and see now in this country but i'm proud to have played that sort of role. >> and just looking at those you can get mesmerized and i would sit here and talk to you about how you sit here today being a successful businessman and how you over came those measures but at the state department with cond ole he'sa rice and still though from your perspective, and here we have president obama, does work need to be done to bridge a gap? >> a lot of work needs to be done, but i think anybody of my generation that would have thought 52 years from the steps of central high school to last january when i had an opportunity to stand out in the cold with the rest of america and see the 44th president of
8:23 am
the united states sworn in, somebody whose skin color looks like mine, it's an amazing journey. anyet i think all of the people who participated in the civil rights movement, while they couldn't have seen that specific moment, they knew that america could be better. and that was the reason that we all rolled up our sleeves and tried to play a role. >> at the forefront of helping to educate african-americans long before many could enter state colleges and universities, there were historically black colleges and universities and you are here for us today talking about a weak-long celebration of our hbcus. >> well in the hbcu, we have a most important concert coming up on sunday. 105 voices. in fact the dynamo who put all of this together, tony roy, had a vision last year to bring all of the historically black colleges together and get the
8:24 am
kennedy center to support it. so there is a huge concert. and it turns out that it's sold out. >> yes. >> we want to prepare for the next season. >> there is next year, right. >> and it's also a way of highlighting the many efforts that the hbcus contribute o the talent and leadership of this country. i serve on two boards of directors of colleges, clark atlanta and just finished a tour on this you've board. and these are schools that have remained at the forefront of supplying the leadership that we now see in president obama's cabinet and other places around the country. so that i admonish your viewers that next year, buy early and
8:25 am
participate with us on our 105 voices. >> we're ahead of the group here in telling the viewers to do that. and thenfortion on this week's celebration will be linked to our website, earnest green, one of the original little rock nine and gone on to do great things and still doing the work with the nation's black colleges and universities. thank you for being with us. >> it's a pleasure to have been here. thank you. >> steve, over to you. 8:24 right now on this friday morning. coming up next, more on the top story. the farewell to senator ted kennedy. we'll go live to boston where mourners pay their respects to the liberal lyon. and then holly is checking out the maryland state fair this morning. stay with us. we'll be back after this. (announcer)  back to school means back to busy mornings.
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8:29 am
and a assume these people are not just from boston or massachusetts, that they've come from far away. >> reporter: they have. but his core of support is supp the boston area and the state of massachusetts. so those with the people primarily year seeing. but been an emotional week here. i covered the motorcade with people standing 8-10 people deep on the streets of boston. very unusual thing. something akin to when a team wins a world series or something like that. but the emotion that came with it, the outpouring of support for the kennedy family was so evident by people cheering and clapping whether they saw the hearse and the kennedy family and cars and even a tour bus behind. just a very unusual week so far. now we're looking forward to the funeral mass which will be held here at this church in mission hill in back of me saturday morning at 10:30. >> and martin, we heard about 20,000 people or roughly that yesterday came out.
8:30 am
expecting about the same crowd today? >> we are. and a very unusual thing where the kennedy family came out to greep pe who-- greet people in line, so thanking people for their support throughout the years. >> brian, we appreciate your coverage throughout the morning. it is now 8:30. >> and tucker barnes is joining us. >> i'm coming. >> we're buying time as tucker sashays over to the weather wall. >> i have a lot to talk about. thanks, guys. let's get started with temperatures. 74 right now at reagan national. we're off to a warm -- you'll notice that humidity. a humid start as well. a lot of tropical moisture in e air and that will help us kick up showers and thunderstorms today. 68 in winchester, one of the coolest spots, 76 down at patuxent naval air station. i'll show you the plume of moisture here. and we had strong thunderstorms overnight. and those have lifted off to the north and east of philadelphia but off to the south and west, look at what is
8:31 am
headed in our direction. all of the rain shower activity across the carolinas and western portions of virginia, headed in our direction. and the thinking is not only do we have the risk of some showers out there, but we have the possibility of some thunderstorms that will contain heavy rain during the course of the afternoon. and because of that, we've got a flash flood watch that go news affect at 2:00 this afternoon for the counties here in green. so the close-in counties around the district and much of north and central maryland back under the flash flood watch that goes into affect at 2:00 this afternoon and will last through this evening as the potential is out there we could see ponding on the roadways and maybe one or two inches of rain in an hour. if you get underneath a heavy dumb pers door -- dumb per during the course of the afternoon. high temperature only in the low 80s. showers return. humidity, around 82 for the afternoon high. i'll be back in a few minutes
8:32 am
and talk about the weekend. summer might be winding down, but the fun does not have to stop. because there are many new openings restaurant wise in town. and here to help us sort all through it and where we should go and what we should do, nicki nellis, the list, are you on nicki is our fox 5 foodie and she'll tell us what is hip and happening. and number one on the list is cora. >> chef la rue had the famous fair livia in alexandria and it closed recently because the building closed so he had to figure out what to do and he went over to crystal city and that restaurant closed. sometimes the stars align. so he's upped up a new restaurant after cora, his second daughter. and he's known for his west indies and african touches. this is going to be italian
8:33 am
cuisine. and this is going to be casual. look for pizza and pasta and very good for wallet. >> family friendly? >> family friendly. but a good saturday night out restaurant. >> a good date place. >> and next is the vince hill craft winery. how far is vince hill? >> it's just past manassas. and those who are into wine and learning about wine, you can decide what you want to do here. you are creating your own wine with to winemakers. they come from pure mons winery. they put this place togetherp you get to pick the grape and how much wine goes in, you bic the -- you pick the barrels and the label. this is something that can last a year or just go for a tasting and try the different wines they he on hand. great party idea, great team- building idea. and just a really cool way to learn about wine and get involved in the process.
8:34 am
it's -- there is nothing like it in d.c. >> something different. and social. >> i love this place. 14th and meridian. this area of d.c. is hopping. restaurants, bars, wine bars are opening up. social slatest to hit the scene. these are a bunch of ex kimp ton hotel employees who have gotten together and they wanted a place where they could hang out but have good food, really fun drinks and enjoy in sharing. and so all of the dishs will be served in either three portions, five portions, or nine portions. so you can taste it with three and say, i want five or i want to have nine. you can put together a menu of what you want. they also he a fantastic con exact shuns. and it's a good place to hang out and have a good bite of food and have a glass of wine.
8:35 am
>> be social. >> right. >> and their renovation is not new, but renovations, but you say 701 and the jefferson hotel, the restaurant in there will be the place to be. >> so 701 had a huge heyday in the 90s. and chef bizage has redecorated the place and i understand it's bathe and white and cream with the accent of blue. and his new chef comes from new york city and they've reinvented the space. and the chef is really known for his quality restaurants like roth sicka and oval room the you can look for good dining and quality food in a lovely location. this is a place for the people on the hill. it's right down the street, 701 pennsylvania. >> i love that. when you come in, nicki, i have to say, i'm like, i have to get out more. >> well you should get out. >> but i don't have anyplace to
8:36 am
go. so i love it. >> well last one is the jefferson hotel. it's been under renovation for a while. and we have some really cool, funky hip hotels that have opens in the last couple of years with the different kimpton hotels and the w. opening but those are hip places and i'm all for hip, but this is a return to elegancech this is bringing back this old world time in a new and beautiful way. there is only 99 rooms in the hotel and it's a jewel box and they just opened up the restaurant there called plume. the chef there is damon gordan. he is a elaine decost alum and he's serving top of the line continental cuisine in an elegant setting. >> what is old is new again. >> exactly. >> nicki nellis, the list are you on it, thank you so much. we'll see you in a week.
8:37 am
>> hopefully. >> back to you. 8:36 right now on this friday morning. up -- up next, we'll reveal our job of the day. plus a race in virginia ends in this crash. a man jumps out and ditches the bush -- the burning car but guess who stepped inside. we'll have the details when fox 5 morning news returns. guys remember,
8:38 am
we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am.
8:39 am
who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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fox 5 is trying to help you find a job. we feature a job of the d evy day. and here is a good one from our job shop. this is shire strategy looking for an architect with a salary of $105,000 a year. for more on this job and others, go to and click on the job shop tab near the home page into you can quit your job if you win tonight's megamillions jackpot. but allison has assured us she
8:41 am
is going to win. >> up for grabs tonight, an estimated $325 million and you're right, i wouldn't quit. megamillions tickets are sold in maryland and the great state of the virgin. and don't pin your hopes and dreams on winning tonight. here are the odds. here is the downer part. 1 in 176 million. one means one person can still win. >> we saw that last week in south carolina. >> you have a better chance of being hit by an asteroid steve. >> that won't happen. >> for that happening, one in 200,000. >> i would rather take that. heads up for anybody flying in and out of dallas. police want you to listen up. >> we'll be right back. it's 8:41 right now. dude, your shirt.
8:42 am
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there was kay ott outside of a courtroom at the trial of a woman accused of faking her own abduction. [ yelling ] >> well that's bonnie sweeten's father. last may she said two african- american men abducted her but they were at disneyworld. she got 9-23 months in jail.
8:45 am
>> he recognized her actions were calculated, they were well thoughtout. she was truly thinking only of herself. >> she said financial problems led her to fake the kidnapping. at time she was being investigating for steeling $280,000 from her ex-husband's family. a united airlines employee has been busted for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from passengers. 58-year-old maria ramirez worked at lost and found office near baggage claim at dulles airport. acting on a tip from united airlines police searched her home and found hundreds of ice ems, including cell phones, cameras, laptops and jewelry. investigators say the theft could go back five years. she's been charged with grand larceny and suspended without pay. unite legadefender try to return the customers belongings. a case of deja vu for a pawn shop in prince george's county. for a second time in a month it
8:46 am
has been raided for stolen goods. workers for a nearby safeway showed up to receive some of their goods. the investigators don't believe the shop owner was involved nest. a prince george's county police officer is being hailed as a hero after a baby was rescd uerom a car. the father d pew sngas die on t way to the baby sister but when police tried to stop him, he sped off. he crashed in his he was put on the ground and then they rescued the baby from the smoldering car. >> the driver's side doors wouldn't work so i was able to pry the back passenger door open and take the baby seat out of the car. >> i'm a mother and i was fearing for the baby because it wasn't crying. it was sleeping through the whole thing. >> the father was driving under
8:47 am
a suspended license and is now charged. holly morris isat the maryland state fair this morning. >> and become a facebook fan of fox 5 morning news. you can find out what is ahead on the show and check isout behind the scenes pictures and comment on stories. just search fox5 morning news. there is no space between the fox and the 5. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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8:50 am
senator ted kennedy's portrait is on di place at the national portrait gallery. andy warhol painted it for him. it's in a section remembered in the gallery collection that have passed away. the president is extending his vacation. his rest and relaxation has been interrupted by the passing of the senator. the president took time this week to renominate ben bernankement so the president has decided to take a few more days off next week before he returns to washington.
8:51 am
this time -- he's coming back to d.c. he'll vacation closer to town. he'll be at camp david. the first family did find some time to have a little fun yesterday. here they are on a bike ride at martha's vineyard. they toured lighthouse with some of their family and friends. doing regular vacation stuff. >> it is 8:50 on this friday morning. tucker is up with a check of our forecast coming up. >> and find out if tropical storm danny could impact your weekend plans. stay with us. we'll be right back. (announcer) get  our best back to school prices...
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8:54 am the jcpenney lowest prices of the season sale. all arizona tops and bottoms are buy e, get one for 88¢ plus, save on denim at america's biggest athletic shoes are $38.99 all bath towels are buy one, get one for 88¢ plus, night and day doorbusters go to and see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney the fox 5 high school game of the week, winner bishop o'connell and woodrow wilson, congratulations. the teams hit the field tonight and we'll be at the matchup at 5:00 and you can see it on fox 5 news at 5 and highlights tonight at 10:00 and online at
8:55 am thanks for voting. doctors are testing a swine flu vaccine now. clinical tries underway nationwide, including at the university of maryland. researchers tested adolts and now are testing the vaccine on children. sherry ly followed one family through this testing process. >> we have jake, molly and grace. >> i wanted to know, your injecting my child with the virus, that scares me. >> this vaccine that we're setting here is a killed viral vaccine. you cannot get the flu. you can not pass the flu on to anyone else. >> a little poke. that's it. >> this is h1n1 strain mutated a bit more than usual. there are two shots. you get a blood draw on day one as well. >> were you scared? >> a little bit. >> how scared? >> just a little bit. >> i wanted to know what the
8:56 am
side affects might be, which are no different from getting a regular flu vaccine. >> this is a transit neurological influence. there was a increase rise in the swine flu and we haven't seen that since 1996. >> i think hopefully it will prevent me from getting the n1 -- the swine flu, yeah. >> the only difference is the virus is different the way that we manufacture it is identical. >> it just felt like the right thing to do to protect them and hopefully everybody can learn if the vaccinations are working and it will be good for everybody. >> congratulations, ms. molly, ms. grace, mr. jacobs, $40 to target. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. you earned that. >> the kids have planned what they will buy with their gift cards, a sell phone for the
8:57 am
oldest one and games and toys for the others. they'll have to come back r followup visits and monitor any reactions at home. one woman enrolled all three of her children in the vaccine testing and even got the shot herself. day four of the new school year, the scheduling problems not cleared up. thousands of students spent the first weeks in the auditorium. roz plater has more on the class confusion. >> our parents and our students absolutely deserve better than this. >> reporter: the standing-room only prince george's county school board meeting got off to a fiery start with school board members sounding off about a computer glitch that left thousands of students without schedules and classes for a week. >> for us to go out on the first day of school and not know anything about this, not to be given any types of heads
8:58 am
up or prewarning and to have a new station -- a news station approach us and let us know what is going on is absolutely unacceptable. >> i know we're trying hard and i'm just so disappointed though with not having a b plan. i'm looking for the b plan. everybody has a b plan. >> reporter: monday morning 8,000 students, a quarter of the county high schoolers showed up to find they have no schedules. hundreds were herded in gyms as counselors tried to do the work by hand. the school system blamed the mess op a computersoftware glitch in it's new program called school max. a system that cost $4 million to in stall and $400,000 a year to main tape. the county's new superintendent says he found out the same time everybody else did and did a mia culpa. >> we understand the hardship this has created for many families and i accept full responsibility for this, offer our sincere apologies. >> reporter: by midday thursday
8:59 am
the number of students without schedule was down to fewer than 1900. the superintendent promises new schedules by monday. >> we can't give back those children those days. what can we do to get an entire week back. >> reporter: in upper marlborough, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> we hope they have a better week. >> we apologize, we weren't able to bring you holly morris' report from the fair, don't fear. at the 11:00 hour we'll have a report from the midday show. >> and tucker barnes, the star of the midday show. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome to come on any day of the week >> we would love to have you as a speciaguest, i would love to be there, any day except for friday. >> and let's take a quick look at the tower cam. that tells you what is going on out there. a lot of clouds and fog and it's feeling ominous. >> is there any rain out there or just fog? >> that is fog. but we do have more rain

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